There are a variety of fire pits available for use. The type you choose will be influenced by personal preference, and the type of fuel (wood, propane, etc) that you have access to.

Also, local laws and safety concerns could dictate the type of fire pit you choose.

Stone / Block Fire Pits

Fire Pit Rings

Fire Pit Bowls

Fire Pit Table


Portable Fire Pit

Depending on where you live, you might build your own fire pit from block or stone.

You might use a simple metal fire pit ring.

You might use a steel wheel rim to create you’re own fire pit bowl, or buy a fire pit bowl. You may need one with a screen cover to meet local laws.

You may buy a metal or clay chimeneas to use on your patio.

You may choose a fire pit table for social time with friends.

Or you may decide you want a portable fire pit to take the party TO your friends.

Check Your Local Laws:

Make sure you check with your local laws before choosing a fire pit.