A perfect place to gather with family and friends, this DIY fire pit couldn’t be easier to make! No mortar is necessary when you use retaining wall bricks to dry stack the sides and river rock to finish it off. Editor’s Note: Make sure the manufacturer of the concrete bricks you are using has deemed them safe for a fire pit application. For extra security, when you are using brick, stone or pavers to create your fire pit, line the inside of the fire pit with a fire-rated brick.

What you will need for a four-tiered fire pit:

  • (48) 10.25″ X 7″ tumbled stone wall blocks (in choice of color)
  • (48) 3.5″ X 7″ mini tumbled stone wall blocks (in choice of color)
  • (6) bags of river rock (in choice of color)
  • Weedkiller (optional)


  • Rake
  • Hoe
  • Shovel
  • 3-4 foot level

Decide where you will locate your fire pit, preferably a location that is flat and level.

For safety purposes, avoid placing your fire pit under low hanging tree branches and near areas with lots of brush.

The first tier of your fire pit is the most important. Create your first tier by forming a circle, alternating the large and mini bricks to create a pattern. Using your level, make sure the bricks are relatively even all of the way around. If the circle is more than an inch or two uneven, remove the higher bricks and dig out the dirt underneath them until they are level with the other side. This is an important step to insure your fire pit is level before building the additional tiers.

Once you have your first layer complete, begin the next layer, again alternating the large and small bricks, placing the small bricks on top of and in the middle of a larger brick to create a pattern.

Be sure to step back from time to time and make sure your fire pit wall is even. Adjust as necessary to keep symmetrical and level.

Using your hoe and a shovel, clear out a two-inch area around the perimeter of your fire pit. Apply a weed killer (natural or store bought). This is optional but will help cut back on weeds growing up around your new fire pit.

In the cleared area around your fire pit pour river rock evenly around perimeter.

The addition of the river rock will give the fire pit a nice finished look and help keep bottom layer of bricks from shifting.

Finish off your fire pit project by spreading remaining river rock in bottom of pit to help with drainage and to reduce weed growth.

Your fire pit is complete and ready for a bonfire.