So we finally got around to putting in a new fire pit in our backyard over the weekend. The old one was just an old steel rim with the center cut out and dirt surrounding it. It was a muddy mess some days, and dangerous as someone always ended up with melted shoe bottoms for some reason. We also worried about little kids running around and tripping into the pit.

Anyhow, I got a new/used tractor rim (40-inch) from a local farmer for free. I cut the center out, and cut out an area of sod and dirt for a new pit.

I placed the rim and leveled it. I then installed retaining wall blocks (4) high around it leaving a gap between the rim and blocks.

We filled the gap between the blocks and the rim with crushed gravel and sand to absorb the heat and keep it off the blocks.

It’s a nice setup now, as people can actually sit on the edge of the blocks to warm their backside and not get burned. We used it for 6-hours and the blocks were still cool to the touch.

We love it. I think total cost into it is MAYBE pushing $120.00.