This ain’t any old patio fire pit. This addition to our backyard cost $125 AND only took 30-minutes to put together. Not even kidding.So we finally got our stamped concrete patio finished this past Friday. Can I just say… I’m in love! I really wanted a corner fire pit but wasn’t quite sure if we could really pull it off. Then when we were at Ace Hardware this past week we noticed a little fire pit on display made from retaining wall blocks.The best part? We could put it right on top of the patio and the blocks didn’t need to be glued down. I was sold.To get started we chose the Living Accents 35-inch round fire pit . You want to make sure the bowl you choose has the big lip around the edge. Do NOT assemble when you get it home. Yeah, that’s the best part.

Next take the fire pit cover out of the box and start laying your retaining wall blocks tightly around it. Make sure the front of the blocks are touching, but it’s ok if the backs have a little gap.

For the 35-inch bowl we ended up with (15) blocks around it. We also chose a tan color block and threw in a couple gray ones. Yeah, you can hardly tell in these pics but there’s (3) gray blocks in the first ring.

Next remove the fire pit cover and start laying your second row of blocks. Make sure you stagger from the first row. Again it’s ok that the backs of the blocks aren’t flush. You’ll see why in a minute…

So then add your third row of retaining wall blocks, again staggering. You can kind of see the two shades of blocks a little better now. Totally not needed; just a little something to add character. Now you can make the fire pit as high as you want, but we decided to only do three rows.

Now it’s time to work on the insert. Underneath the lip of the bowl were little brackets for where you would normally attach the legs. Well since we don’t need those, just grab a screwdriver and remove the brackets. This will help the bowl fit flush with your top layer of blocks.

Then just insert the fire pit bowl into the ring of blocks.

And remember how I mentioned those retaining wall blocks not being flush in the middle of the ring? Well the fire pit lip covers most of that. Yep, problem solved.

I totally didn’t think we could do this for the price and the time it took.

Fire pit cost us $125:

  • $80 for the insert
  • $45 for the bricks (3 layers of 15 blocks) at $1 a piece.

And the fire pit only took us 30-minutes to build. We got home from work at 6:15 on Friday and were done by 6:45.

The hardest part? Lugging the blocks from our garage around the house to the patio.

No joke.


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